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Simon van Parys

Wall of Sound

09 September 2021 to 23 October 2021         

Simon van Parys                                             Wall of Sound                                                                 9 Sept to 23 Oct 2021


The exhibition Wall of Sound is the first gallery show of Simon van Parys in our gallery, as well as his first gallery show in Brussels. Having had a string of successful projects around the world in recent years, we are delighted to show his works closer to home. The Wall of Sound recreates a setting that many people may have missed throughout the past year or so, while the Clubs needed to stay closed due to the COVID pandemic. The Laser drawings shown in this exhibition are a result of a performance created by van Parys and are the digitally reworked documentation of his performance. The Wall of Sound itself is technical equipment that the artist assembled over a long period of time, connecting his interest in Club Culture with his practice as sculptor. As part of the installation van Parys also created a techno track that will be played on the Wall of Sound.

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