Schälling | Enderle 
Plaines de pierre ouvertes


Schälling | Enderle are a german artist couple. They have gathered vast experience working in quarries all over Europe before settling in Liège, Belgium where they are since many years constructing sculpture with stone, predominantely extracted from quarries in Wallonia.

In the formative and tense space between the choice of the raw material and the production of an art work they have developed a subtle understanding of their materials. In their works they emphasize questions of appreciation and value of materials and how the transformation, adaptation and processing of natural resources changes our perception of them. By the juxtaposition of "cheap" materials and natural stone, they aim beyond the question of composition of sculpture. Seeing sculpture as more than a work of reduction and pleasing proportions, it has the potential to take us beyond our limited ideas of place, culture, times and the nature of matter.

The works of Schälling | Enderle are represented in numerous private and public collections worldwide.